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 Main application areas and various components are as below:

- High temperature applications (up to 2500’C)

- RF (induction) heating application for various induction furnaces

- Non-ferrous molten metal handling products and various molten metals’s pumping applications

- Advanced gas pressured thermocouple & thermocouple sheaths for molten non-ferrous metals

- Components for high wearing and bearing applications

- Ball, rollers bearing & plain bearings from GPSN & YPZ-Zirconia ceramic materials

- Jigs-fixtures and brazing fixtures for manufacturing processes

- Mechanical seals for chemical pumps

- Electrical insulating application

- Chemical and process industries application wearing parts & liners

- Ceramic cutting tools tips

- Automotive-diesel engine components such as fuel pump needle, rods, rotor, cam followers (rollers), tappet shims etc

- Copper pipe Extruding dies, metal tubes forming rollers, wire drawing dies etc.

- Mud-Pump sleeves, pistons, balls and ball valves, seats & liners for pipes for oil, gas and nuclear applications

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